Medical Examination Service

Each of the following questions is in relation to various medical examination services. These services only provide routine examinations and include medicals to allow life insurance.

1. Please indicate how you feel about the importance of the following statements.

Not ImportantSomewhat ImportantImportantVery Important
The Speed at Which the Examination and Report is Completed
How Accurate and Complete the Report is
Knowledge of Medical Staff
How You are Treated by Medical Staff
That All Services are Provided in One Place
The Geographical Coverage of the Service
That Reports are Delivered by Hand to the Insurance Company
That You Can Build a Personal Relationship with the Representative

2. Which statement do you consider to be the most important?


3. Should a medical examination service become available that promises you professionalism, accuracy and swiftness of completion, would you switch you them?


4. Which is your preferred medical examination company?


5. how would you rate us for the following?

Very PoorPoorAverageGoodVery Good
Speed on Completion of Reports
Accuracy in Completed Reports
Know-How of Medical Employees
Services Available for Examination
Geographical Coverage of the Service?
Delivery by Hand of Reports to Insurance Companies
You Relationship With the Company’s Representative
The questions above were specific about the medical examination service you have received. We would now like to delve deeper into your thoughts and feelings about these services through the following questions.

Please be as detailed as possible in your answers.

6. What do you like most about the agency?


7. What do you dislike most about the agency?