Evaluation of Purchase Process

Please note this survey is about the purchase of gasoline in particular. All your answers will be held in the strictest of confidentiality.

1. Do you feel the price of fuel is


2. If you believe the price of fuel is too high, why do you think the prices are the way they are?


3. How often do you buy premium grade fuel at the pump?


4. Why do you buy premium grade fuel at the pump?


5. Where do you usually buy fuel?


6. Is your pumping station closest to


7. How long does it take you to get to your favourite pump station?


8. Why is this your favourite pump station (please tick all that apply)


9. How much do you spend on fuel each month on average?


10. Do you have a fuel card?


11. Which percentage of the amount you spend on fuel is paid with the following?


12. What features would you expect from a fuel card (please choose THREE) *


13. What is your age group?


14. What is your marital status?


15. How many children still live in your home?


16. How many of these children hold a driver’s license?


17. What best describes your annual income before tax?


18. What is your gender?