The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Effect


1. Is the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak affecting your company? Check all that apply.


2. Does your company have a policy to curtail and/or contain the spread of the virus? If "yes," please describe.


3. Is the emergence of the COVID-19 outbreak impacting your number of orders?


4. If "yes" from question 3. By what % is your orders off by?


5. Has this had a direct effect on your job? If "yes," how?


6. How long do you expect this outbreak to impact your job or your company?


7. In the next 30-60 days, do you anticipate this situation getting better or worse?


8. What advice do you have for the industry regarding the COVID-19 outbreak?


9. Where are you located?


10. Are you interested in providing content for any of the I-Connect007 magazines? If "yes," what type of content would you like to provide?


11. If you answered "yes" to the previous question, we will need the following information.

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