APTU's survey on Thameslink Express Service calling patterns
1. Welcome to our survey on possible changes to Thameslink Express Services
Thameslink have proposed changes to the 5 Thameslink Express Services that run each Monday to Friday peak - in the AM, stopping at Bedford, Luton, St Albans, St Pancras and typical stations to their final destnation; in the PM stopping at their typical stations to St Pancras, then St Albans, Luton & Bedford.

For May 2019, there are options to add stops at Harpenden by switching stops from Luton and/or St Albans.

We are interested in collecting passenger views as to the factors that are most important in making the decisions as to which stations should be served - and also when; for instance are there times that a stop is particularly important.

For background, to access the consultation document and to read APTU's analysis, visit our Website, where links to both our 27 January newsletter and and the Consultation document are available.

Note: For December 2019, there are other options. These are not covered by this survey.

The survey is open to all (not just APTU members) and will be until 11am on Sunday 10 February.

1. Which is your 'home' Thameslink station (ie where you board in the morning and return to in the evening) *


2. Where is your destination Thameslink station (ie alight in the morning and board in the evening)
If it varies, select the one you use most *


3. How many days a week do you normally travel? *


4. Do you normally / frequently travel on Thameslink Express trains? *