2018 Community Needs Assessment


1. Please answer questions # 1-12 as they relate to you personally.


1. What is your race/ethnicity? *


2. What is your current zip code? *


3. What is your age range? *


4. What is the highest education level you have obtained?


5. How do you define your gender? *


6. What is the primary language spoken in your home? *


7. What is your employment status? *


8. What best describes the financial state of your household? *


9. What best describes your housing situation now?


10. What best describes your role/position when completing the survey?


11. When you have time to rest or sleep, what types of issues keep you up? Check all that apply to you personally.


12. Are there any problems or needs that you or your family faced within the last 12 months for which help was hard to find?