OECD GFLEC symposium to advance financial literacy
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Thank you for attending the symposium.  We hope you have found it to be useful and informative.  To help us improve the organisation and relevance of future events, we would welcome your feedback via this short questionnaire.

1. What was your main reason for attending this symposium (select one only)?


2. Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the following.

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Registration process and information provided by organisers before the event
Content of the symposium
Duration of the symposium
Overall quality of the speakers
Discussions held after each session
Structure and format of the sessions
Networking opportunities

3. To what extent...

Not at allUnimportantlyModeratelySignificantlyVery significantly
...has the symposium contributed to the promotion of fin lit in your country/for your institution?
...has the symposium confirmed or changed your perspective on fin lit in your country/for your institution?
...do you expect to use the information, analysis and good practices obtained through this symposium in your work?

4. Do you think that the information obtained through this symposium is of relevance to policymakers in your country?


5. Are there any speakers from this symposium, or elsewhere, that you would recommend for a future event?


6. Which of the following potential topics for a future event would be of interest to you? Please mark all that apply


7. Do you have any specific comments?


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9. In which sector is your organisation?