Whose Fault Is That Bad Board?

In an upcoming issue of The PCB Design Magazine, we will discuss a question that you've undoubtedly faced in your job: Whose fault is it when the board fails? Of course, everyone likes to blame the PCB designer. Is it the board shop's fault, or does the designer bear some of the blame after all? Your participation in this survey will help ensure we are providing you and the industry with the best content possible in our publications.

1. If a board fails in the field, whose fault is it, typically?


2. Who is financially responsible if a board fails?


3. With so many different entities involved in producing a PCB, how do you determine who is at fault if the board fails?


4. If you, the designer, are truly at fault, how do you avoid making the same mistake again?


5. Do you run simulations on your designs?


6. Does your fabricator provide feedback on your designs?


7. In what part of the world are you located?


8. Would you consider contributing content for an upcoming issue?


9. If you answered "Yes" to the above question, please provide your contact information.