Retrocap is a energy efficiency retrofit analysis platform. Leveraging data from the US Department of Energy, we provide: an indication of which installations will provide you the highest return on investment, an estimation of the financial return for your retrofit, and a platform that links you with the capital, supplies and technicians needed to conduct your retrofit.
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To receive your retrofit savings analysis, please respond to the following questions to the best of your knowledge. You will need: recent utility bills (electricity, lighting, gas), information on your home and appliances and a description of your use of appliances.
Please holler at me at tim@retrocap DOT CO with any questions.
**You do NOT need to fill in all questions!**

1. Basic profile questions:


2. How much electricity and gas have you usee per month over the past year? Please start from the most recent month for which you have data, and continue backward with last year's data.

Electricity (kWh)Electricity ($)Gas (cubic feet)Gas ($)

3. How many of each bulbs do you have? And how much do you use them? Light types include halogen, compact fluorescent, fluorescent tube, LED. Please include fixed and plugin fixtures.

Light typeSum of wattage for all bulbs in fixtureNo. of bulbsUsage (hrs per day)
Kitchen fixture 1
Kitchen fixture 2
Kitchen fixture 3
Dining room fixture 1
Living room fixture 1
Living room fixture 2
Living room fixture 3
Family room fixture 1
Master bedroom fixture 1
Master bedroom fixture 2
Master bathroom fixture 1
Master bathroom fixture 2
Hallway fixture 1
Hallway fixture 2
Other bedroom fixture 1
Other bedroom fixture 2
Other bedroom fixture 3
Other bathroom fixture 1
Other bathroom fixture 2
Closet fixture
Garage fixture
Outdoor fixture 1
Outdoor fixture 2
Other fixture 1
Other fixture 2

4. Do you have a dishwasher? If so, please fill in the following. Input N/A for no dishwasher.


5. Please fill in the following information regarding your refrigerator.


6. Please fill in the following information regarding your clothes dryer. Input N/A for no clothes dryer.


7. Please fill in the following information regarding your washing machine


8. Please fill in the following information regarding your water heater.


9. Insulation details


10. Thermostat temperature settings (Fahrenheit)


11. Heating and cooling


12. Which of the following describe your windows? Multiple-responses are allowed.


13. Do you own any of the following?


14. Please share any other details you suggest we be aware of here. Please also provide any advice you have on how we can serve you better here as well.


15. What are your preferred contact details?