Think Looney! Digital Brainstorm

The 100th anniversary of the publication of J. Thomas Looney’s Shakespeare Identified in Edward de Vere Seventeenth Earl of Oxford (Frederick A. Stokes Co., 1920) is approaching, and the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship board of trustees has appointed a committee to coordinate a celebration for the centennial year 2020.
How should we celebrate the centennial of Shakespeare Identified, the foundation of Oxfordianism and genesis of the modern, post-Stratfordian movement?

1. What organizations should be contacted to help plan a Shakespeare Identified 100 celebration?


2. What individuals should be contacted?


3. If you had unlimited time, money, and support, how would you celebrate the SI100?


4. Do you plan to work on a project for the SI100? Could you tell us about your project?


5. Would you like to coordinate information and public relations and other methods of collaboration with the SI100 committee?


6. Would you be interested in working on the SI100 committee? Do you have a particular interest, skill, or donation you would like to offer?


7. Any other thoughts, suggestions, wild ideas?


8. Your contact info: Name and email